All Artists who display artwork for sale in BAC’s Gift Shop must meet the following guidelines:

1.)  Artwork must go before Gift Shop Committee for approval. Committee meets on a monthly basis and new artists are required to:

a. Provide samples of artwork to be displayed, boxed with name and contact info attached. Up to 6 examples of art work may be submitted per artist and should reflect the types of artwork to be sold.

b. Artwork must be dropped off at BAC no sooner than one week prior to date of committee meeting      

c. Artwork must be priced to sell (your price x4/3=sell price).               

d. For the purposes of reopening the Gift Shop all artists are considered ‘new’.

2.)  The following items are not going to be accepted in the Gift Shop:

a. Food of any kind      

b. Artwork that has ‘scent’ or ‘smell’

        i.  Candles

        ii.  Soaps

        iii.  Etc.

3.)  All cards for sale in the Gift Shop must be wrapped in plastic so that inventory stickers may be attached without damaging the cards. These are easily obtained from various retailers on line. (Examples:,, etc)

4.)  When the committee makes a decision to:

a. decline the artwork the artist will be notified in writing

b. Accept the artwork the artist will be notified in writing along with the quantity of artwork accepted. This will be based on type and size of artwork submitted and space available in the Gift Shop. Due to space limitations in the Gift Shop, BAC reserves the right to limit the quantity of artwork displayed by each artist.

5.)  Once the artist has been accepted the following conditions must be met:

a. Artist must be a member of the Buchanan Art Center. Membership is annual and must be current before artwork can be displayed.

b. Artist must live within 100 miles of Buchanan, MI or have one or more of the following ties to the Buchanan Community:

        i. Artist is a former resident of the Buchanan, MI area (within 100 miles of BAC).

        ii. Artist has a family member who is a current resident.

6.   Buchanan Art Center has 90 day display policy. Art that has not sold within 90 may be returned to artist.

7.   Artist will receive commission (75% of sell price) on a monthly basis. Sales are totaled at the end of each month and payment is sent during the following month.

8.   Artist whose commission is less than $5 will not receive a commission check until total commission earned reaches a minimum of $5 at the end of a month.

(example: commission $2 Sept, $1 Oct, $3 Nov, payout of $6 will be sent in Dec)

9.   Artists may not ‘drop by’ to bring in, remove or replace artwork. Artist must make appointment with Marie Hodge. All artwork must be inventoried at the time of delivery or removal by Marie Hodge and Artist.

BAC Gift Shop Committee Members:

Marie Hodge-Chair

Nana Maher

Sue Coultas

Sandy Williams


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